All house owners face the problem of exterior paint getting degraded, losing its shine, and the need to re-paint again. Why does exterior house paint degrade and fail with time? There are many reasons like water, aging of paint, low-quality paint, etc. Many people fail to understand the importance of high-quality products for exterior house painting. Our exterior house painters in NJ are focused on providing seamless painting services using super good quality paints.

Reasons Why Exterior House Paints Degrade

  • Temperature
    The UV rays of the sun can damage the paint. It breaks the bond of paint’s molecules and makes it more prone to damage and deterioration. Exposure to the sun for years will make the paint look dull, and the shine of the exterior paint will be lost.
  • Moisture
    Humidity and moisture wash the paint slowly over time. Moisture in any form erodes the paint over time. With every passing year, the paint conditioner used to bind the paint with the surface gets weaker, due to which the paint can come off. This makes the exterior paint look shabby and dull.
  • Air Contaminants
    Pollution is one of the biggest enemies of exterior paint in urban areas. When contaminants such as fumes, dust etc. get mixed with moisture in the environment and settle upon the layer of paint, it erodes the paint. The salt and acids from air pollution settle on paint surface, seeps into its layers to cause bubbling and cracking of paint.
  • Low- Quality Products
    Exterior house paint is important for a house as it is the first thing people see. Exterior paint has to bear all the weather beatings; hence good quality products are essential for painting the house’s exteriors. Painting contractors use paints that are weather resistant. These paints have chemicals and conditioners that protect materials from the weather and helps paint last longer. If you face the problem of your exterior house paint coming off every few years, the reason must be laying in the products that are used.
  • Mistakes in Procedure
    If you are not hiring a professional house painter, there might be chances of mistakes while painting. This can lead to lower quality exterior painting that will not be able to last for years. You will notice cracking, bubbling of paint and have to re-paint. Make sure the surface is dried before painting the base and good quality primers and paint conditioners are used. It is essential that enough time is given for the initial layers to dry up. Our professional exterior house painters know the importance of every step and hence provide you with seamless, flawless exterior house painting.

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