Want to give a refurbished and attractive look to your commercial property while raising its worth? Paint it! This might be an unexpected idea for many, but it needs to be done from time to time. You’re thinking how often should one paint a commercial building? Essentially, it depends upon the nature of your commercial building and also the standard of paint used previously. To determine when to call commercial painting contractors for a repaint, consider the following factors:


Is the paint peeling off?

The first signs that your commercial property needs to be painted again are the peel-offs and the dirt. Any business space wins based on how it looks on the exterior and the ambiance that it has on the interior, both of which depend upon the paint. If the walls are dull and you see the paint coming off, it’s time to hire professional painters.

Is the wind or the light too harsh?

Most paints are not friends with harsh sunlight. If sunlight strikes your commercial property constantly, the paint fades away too soon. The same applies when you use low-quality paint and harsh wind or rain hits your building. In such a case, you might have to repaint the property in around three years rather than the average time of five years.

The sun in New Jersey is typically harsh, so you must get the right paint and hire the perfect commercial painting contractors to keep your business space neat and shiny.

Was the surface prepared before being painted on?

If your painting contractor prepared the walls before painting them, the paint might last longer. Make sure your painting service providers are well-equipped with the best painting techniques. Ask them to smoothen the surface before repainting of your business.

What are the primary colors of your commercial property?

If your brand requires vibrant or sparkling colors such as reds or greens, chances are, you might have to paint your commercial property more frequently. Deeper colors such as red tend to fade away quickly and also become evident. Whereas, if colors like pink or yellow fade, they are workable as they are low in contrast and do not require immediate painting.

How good were your painters?

Go for a paint that goes best with your business style, and make sure you hire the best commercial painting contractors. They must be reliable and experts at painting commercial properties. Great commercial painters will make sure the paint is of the highest quality and long-lasting.

Commercial Painting Contractors in South Jersey

A fresh paint renews your business property and intrigues current as well as new customers. Redoing the paint every five years is the standard norm for keeping a property looking excellent, while painting it every three years keeps the property in great condition. You should re-paint buildings that receive intense sunlight or have deeper colors that fade away more frequently. Whenever you hire an expert commercial painter, make sure they bring high-quality supplies so that your walls don’t need premature painting. Contact us if you’re looking for commercial painting services in South Jersey!

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